Keeping in line with all my other beliefs about health and wellness, whether it’s food, body, home products… Anything that affects health and wellness, I’m all about keeping it simple. I’m 100% into the products and brands that are of high quality (because you get what you pay for!), and bring benefit to my body, to others, and to the world around me, or that help me do so.

This is an ever-evolving list of some of those products, brands, and resources that I love! Enjoy!


Vitamix – My favorite kitchen tool! One of the best investments I’ve made. These machines are built by hand in Ohio; their quality, design, & dependability is unmatched. They even have a Certified Reconditioned program where you can buy them less expensive than new, but have to pass the same inspection, and are that same Vitamix quality with a 5-year warranty.

JEM Sprouted Nut Butters – Out of Oregon, JEM products are USDA certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan. The purity and quality of their products is incredible, something hard to find, plus, they use sprouted nuts and superfoods! My favorite is their Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Butter. Absolutely incredible!

Terrasoul – A small, family business out of Texas rolling out organic, fair-trade, sustainable-grown, & nutrient powerhouse superfoods. They source products that are of extremely high quality and flavor, including my absolute favorite raw cacao products like raw cacao powder and nibs! I also love their hemp seeds, ground turmeric, gelatinized maca, and coconut chips.

GoRaw – They sprout their nuts and seeds and keep them raw (which is awesome!) to make their cookies, bites, bars, granolas, & crackers. Plus, most are sweetened only with dates!

Nutiva – I love their coconut products, especially their coconut flour! It’s organic, non-GMO, and made from fresh coconuts. So silky smooth and amazing in all sorts of recipes. Their chia seeds are my go-to as well. Again, organic, non-GMO, and raw. Both are every day staples for me!

Nativas Naturals – All about organic, non-GMO, sustainably-sourced superfoods that are processed to maximize nutrition. I love their dried goldenberries and mulberries especially!

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal – I love my flaxseed, and I love Bob’s Red Mill’s ground flax. Full of omega-3s and fiber, and the perfect texture. I use in baking as well as my many raw creations.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein – I don’t often use protein powder as I like to get my nutrients from whole foods as much as possible. However, this is my go-to when I do want one. Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and raw. Made from sprouted seeds, grains, and legumes, and has probiotics and enzymes. It has a great texture and flavor, and is not gritty. It’s amazing!


Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Lotion – Acure is an amazing company producing organic, plant and food-based products that are always gluten, paraben, sulfate, phthalate, harmful preservative, artificial fragrance, and cruelty free. I particularly love this lotion. Every single ingredient loves on the skin. Non-greasy, super moisturizing, and no nasty ingredients!

Baraka Dry Nose Oil – I’m prone to having dry nasal passages which lead to bloody noses and sores, especially in the winter months. This oil is amazing in keeping it moisturized! Love!



Nourishing Traditions – A book all about how food was traditionally prepared. My favorite resource for properly preparing things like beans and grains. One of my favorite parts about the book is how it gives the history for all of those traditions. Such a helpful tool and fun read!

Fermented Vegetables – Not only does it give the basics of how fermentation works, but it also guides you in how to ferment just about any vegetable you could think of, and gives some fun variations to try. From traditional sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles, to Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and basil, this has got it all!

The Big Book of Kombucha – Such a great source for all-things kombucha. It has so much information, from the origins and history of kombucha, to guiding you through the process and giving great pictures as a guide, plus some awesome flavors and recipes to try.

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition – A great read on the importance of eating a diet rich in plant-based, whole foods based on the research of Dr. T. Colin Campbell. It also reveals much about the modern medical approach of healthcare and the necessity of returning to preventative care.

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