Huckleberry Nice Cream

by | Aug 9, 2016

Huckleberries. These are right up there with my absolute favorite fruits, they might even take the top. I have wonderful memories of going up into the mountains as a young girl with my cousins to pick these little gems, and coming away with scratched legs from tromping around in the bushes and purple-stained fingers and mouths…

They’re finally in season around here now so I began to have a serious craving for them. I especially wanted to try them blended with some frozen banana to make nice cream. So, some of my family and I went hunting for them last weekend. Ahhh they did not disappoint, and I still got those scratched legs and purple-stained fingers and mouth.

Their flavor reminds me of a cross between a raspberry and blueberry, tart but slightly sweet… like little candies. Of course, they’re nutrient-dense. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, even minerals like iron and calcium.

They were thrown into the Vitamix with some frozen banana, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! The pairing is absolutely delicious!



I understand that not everyone will have access to huckleberries. To get a similar flavor profile, I would use a combination of blueberries and raspberries instead. But if you can, you definitely need to go with those little pops of sunshine!

Huckleberry Nice Cream
  • Ripe, spotted bananas
  • Huckleberries
  1. Slice banana, put in the freezer, and let freeze several hours until solid (I typically do a big bag at a time so there is always some in the freezer).
  2. Once frozen, add slices (I usually break them up for easier blending) to a high powered blender or food processor, along with your huckleberries. Use as many as you'd like. The more the better!
  3. Blend until super creamy.
  4. Alternatively, if you want berry pieces, first blend the banana until creamy and then add the huckleberries, blending until they are chopped to your desired size.
  5. Taste and add more huckleberries if needed.
  6. Eat as is, like a soft serve ice cream, or put in freezer until it sets to desired consistency.
You'll need a high powered blender, like a Vitamix, or a food processor.

I go basic and thrown on a handful of whole huckleberries for my topping, but top with whatever you’d like. Enjoy!

Did you make it??? Head on over to my Instagram @noelle.parton and tag me if you try this out, or contact me below or here if you have questions or comments! Would love to hear from you!

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