If anyone knows me, they know that the most important part of my life is my relationship with Jesus. Yes, I know right then and there I’ve turned people away from my site and my business. I pray that it won’t, but understand that comes with the territory. In the past few months, this as become very clear though, that my career has to be all about Him, or not at all, and that’s where the physical health of the Church comes in.

This page is meant to delve deeper into what the physical health of the Church means to me. I also have a YouTube channel where I expand on this passion of mine even more. Please check it out, subscribe to keep updated on it, and feel free to share away.


I’m a very simple person. You won’t find a lot of “fluff” with me, whether with my writing, my beliefs in nutrition and wellness, exercise, or anything regarding life, really. People make health so complex.

Eat the foods God created for us to eat, the way they were intended to be eaten.

Alright, I’m closing up shop. That’s all you need to know! Ha! I’m just kidding… But I do believe it really is that simple. Genesis makes it very clear to me: every seed-bearing plant and fruit with seed in it.

That’s my starting point, and that’s what I go back to again and again. Our bodies are designed to consume certain foods, and when we eat other foods, or those same foods that have been highly processed and altered by man, or poorly prepared, troubles a comin’!

Let’s return to that idea of providing for our bodies what they truly crave… what they were created for. I challenge you to start looking at your food you’re eating and choosing food that is designed for our bodies.


Talking about health in the Church is just about non-existent. I’ve rarely heard it talked about at least and have gone to church my entire life as well as most of my education being in Christian schools. In my life, a church’s “health” has always been about attendance and numbers, but I believe that physical health is too important to dismiss.

These are such encouraging verses, but equally challenging. What Jesus did on the cross has given us all the opportunity to accept Him and have the Holy Spirit dwell in us. What a gift! Looking at this verse from a health context though, and I see a very important aspect to faith that may often be overlooked. If the Holy Spirit is living in us, we have an obligation to take care of His home. We are called to take care of the body that He created and that Jesus bought with the price of His blood.

Majority of people have great power over their health. What we put in our bodies is such a key factor into how well we are. In the Church there is so much emphasis placed on the building, the style of worship, and so on, but the place where the Spirit is actually residing is often neglected.

I’d like to encourage you to see this verse as an important piece of the puzzle. To see your physical health as having an impact on your faith and relationship with Christ. Take a hold of that calling we are given. I hope that you see this verse in new light. That you see that honoring God with your body includes what you put in, on, and around your body, your stress, and your activity.

Removing the toxins and returning to the foods that He designed for us, the way He designed us to eat them is such a critical part of our health, including our spiritual health. May you see this as a point of change and motivation to take care of your incredible body that God has created.


During some of my undergraduate school years I was not very healthy in terms of hormonal and digestive health (I go into greater detail here). Looking back on those years I’ve realized how much my physical health impacted my spiritual health.

I no longer was prioritizing people, but pretty much would go to classes, the gym, and my housing where I often spent my time alone. I was going to church and was a part of some clubs on campus, but I often times neglected the people around me. I think much of the reason why was due to my physical health.

As I’ve learned more about integrative medicine and holistic health I’ve come to understand just how connected the entire person is. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They all impact each other, and when one is not healthy, the others will suffer. 

Physical health impacts your spiritual health. 

As believers, overall our goal for our lives should be simple. The command Jesus gave:

Followed by The Great Commission:


As Christians, our purpose is to love God, love others, and be a missionary everyday of our lives, wherever we are. We are called to the mission field. Everyone of us. We are called to extend faith, hope, and love to everyone. From experience I can say, if we’re not physically well, we can’t fully carry out that mission.

Every part of our being is tied together. We cannot thrive spiritually when we are not thriving physically.

Contact me if you’d like to connect about this topic. I’d love to know your thoughts!

God bless,

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