My journey into nutrition and wellness began my freshman year of college. I took a basic nutrition course and was hooked. I thought I was doing the whole “nutrition thing” well, cutting out processed foods and sugars, and focusing on whole foods. Not long after, I came down with food poisoning that triggered IBS, which took its toll on me, as I was already dealing with poor hormonal health.

Before college, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices led to what’s termed hypothalamic amenorrhea or a loss of my menstrual cycle. After about a year of IBS torture and being dissatisfied with conventional medicine, I took my health into my own hands and began to really investigate it from a holistic and integrative perspective. My eyes were opened to 1) how critical your gut health is, and 2) how much of an impact what you put in your body and your overall lifestyle has on your health.

Slowly I began to heal, and with it, my passion for nutrition, life-giving foods, and helping others thrive grew deeper. My hope and purpose with Simply to Thrive is that you will learn for yourself just how simple abundant living can be!


The most important part of my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. My purpose is His purpose – I seek His will and to glorify Him with my life. Birthed out of these ups and downs, one of my biggest passions within the field of nutrition is waking Christians up to the fact that their bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and part of the whole “honoring God” thing involves our physical health.

Read more about my take on the Health of the Church and check out my Youtube channel.


You’ll come to notice a common theme running through my beliefs about health. I believe it should be simple, where you…

  • Return to the way we’re intended to live and eat the foods we were designed to eat.
  • Eat food in abundance, not counting calories, NOT DIETING, or limiting yourself, but realizing that with the right foods, your body will regulate itself, and you will be satisfied and energized.
  • Resurrect the art of cooking and become confident in the kitchen to the point of not needing to follow a recipe.
  • Understand that physical health begins with a healthy gut.
  • View food as the best source of continual medicine.
  • Address the root cause of health problems, rather than masking symptoms with medicine.
  • Look at nutrition as something that comes through whole, plant-based foods grown in nutrient-rich soil.
  • View wellness holistically, involving the entire being.
  • Reduce exposure to harmful toxins.
  • Enjoy exercise and movement that doesn’t have to be complicated or found in a gym.
  • Reduce the stress and chaos in our lives.
  • Remember the importance of family, friends, and helping and loving others.
  • Realize that there are no quick-fixes in life, but that thrive health is a continual process that takes effort.

I’ve come to realize that life is a journey and shouldn’t be complicated, and want to guide and encourage you as you make yours simple too.

About Me 1

EDUCATION & credentials

  • Bachelor of Science B.S. in Nutrition from Northwest Nazarene University
  • Masters of Science M.S. in Nutrition for Wellness from Bastyr University (current)
  • Certified Health Coach from American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist from American College of Sports Medicine
  • LEAP (lifestyle eating and performance) therapist

Professional organizations

  • American College of Nutrition
  • Nutrigenomix

God bless,

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